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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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breaking news from r t washington sends troops to jordan to protect its border with syria a move seen by many as an escalation of america's involvement in the conflict. a member of the punk band pussy riot is freed on probation but an appeal hearing keeps the other two behind bars over there publicize the stunt in russia's main orthodox cathedral. and ongoing all sara he feels more separatism calls in europe as the referendum on scotland's independence from britain is all but confirmed.
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hello and welcome to r.t. this wednesday on karen terrill first to developments in the middle east and the u.s. defense secretary has confirmed that washington sent troops to the jordan syria border in what's seen as america's growing involvement in the conflict leon panetta says the task team is there to enhance jordan's capabilities in case violence spills over from syria independent journalist knol bowie things border protection is just a pretext to press harder for regime change. throughout the duration of the conflict in syria we've heard a lot of talk about the creation of humanitarian corridors or buffer zones along the turkish border and now we're hearing reports of the same being established on the jordanian border to believe that it is what the american personnel in jordan are there to do one needs to acknowledge the fact that this is not the policy of
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the turkish government nor is it the policy of the jordanian government the u.s. think tank the brookings institute in march two thousand and twelve published a report titled assessing regime change options in syria who specifically cite the creation of a buffer zone or a humanitarian corridor as a means to base certain rebel groups in the region to project force towards a syrian government in an attempt to topple it so that it appears to be what it's playing out at the moment we're closely following developments as they are in fall then we'll update you in a few minutes with more of the details from our washington correspondent. meanwhile air routes prime minister who is in moscow speaks out against a potential nato intervention in syria under the guise of protecting the region a report on that is coming up. in moscow appeals court has freed one of the child members of the notorious pussy riot punk band but up held the two year sentence for
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the authors the three women were convicted in august of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for performing a song packed with obscenity at russia's main orthodox cathedral artist polly boyko has the details from outside the court. what are the band's members you could see in the summit say that she walked a free from more scary city court here she was released on probation throughout the trial and throughout the appeal the women have maintained that they didn't mean to offend anybody and that there was a protest it was a political protest against vladimir putin however during the trial the court found no political motive to the stunt that took place back in february in the christ the savior of the jail in moscow they said it was in fact hooliganism motivated by religious hatred now today speculation has been mounting over a growing rift among the prissy right clan because we saw this one band member switched defense teams today and the new lawyers they took up
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a new line of defense changing her defense slightly backtracking almost saying that in fact she didn't take part in the protests to change because she was distorted by guards outside of the main cathedral during this punk prayer protest and the media speculation that's been so big and what's made this story started huge has led lots of people to say that kristie riot is now a wild wide brand pussy riot feminist punk rock has registered trademark a brand new global one major russian concert organizer says they've been flooded with calls from foreign promote has offering to organize a pussy riot world tour that could fetch up to six hundred million euros. it was on last year's red square behind me that percy riot stormed the area and performed an offensive song about blood it may have said
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a warm up gig of sorts but that particular stunt didn't bring the punk rock was the big break that they were off to internet the attention on the internet and more importantly failed to rouse the interest of the all for. received just weeks later first the riots took their protests start to moscow's central feature of. the stunt video went viral pussy riot were arrested their trial a worldwide media circus western and russian celebrities called for the women's release mysti international branded them prisoners of conscience and free pussy riot t. shirts sold out the pussy that was quite normal that's the way you attract attention they always look that famous pop stars around the world look at the way but i was dressed look at that they'll look at all the other. we can do as well as that or we could do something different and they hated the idea of going into the cathedral
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and seeing their blasphemous song because that. would in fact be something reduce chairing the trial some was struck by the women's defense team's tactics. there is no defense in this case it's simple p.r. uncorking out on olive feel they're working towards the brand in order to capitalize on it in the future and it's worked i think two years in prison for the crime they committed is too harsh but at the same time i can see that their lawyers did everything in order to give them those two years in prison with the concept requests pouring in there are those that say that percy rights course appeal is just like the trial that preceded it the point here isn't to reduce the women's sentences but rather it's about increasing the number of clicks headlines and the saleability of the now protected pussy riot brand polly boyko r t moscow investigative journalist tony girls laying says the resulting popularity and
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vandalism in the wake of the bells trial raises a big question over who's really benefited from the sentence. let's not forget what else is going on around the world around this case because it has got loads of. that the in a way you know part of the punishment is to stop these people cashing in on the free publish to the you know this probably there's been two prizes awarded to these people one from the lennon oh no fun which is a prize for peace which i find incredible since this has been such a divisive case the other is the luther prize which has been awarded boy of the city which is where protestantism started and what's happened is the city has awarded the prize for the people of the city and they are protesting against that saying you know we don't actually endorse this sacrilege i think there's something really a bit sad about an organization that defines itself by the opposition to the church and it's quite clear through this court case that's what this is about we've even
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had the disintegration of all food crosses across eastern europe in different parts of eastern europe in support of pussy riot so this is actually about i think an attack on the cathedral an attack on the church where watching the person ride case closely all the details are lined up for you at r.t. . med the growing international standoff over syria iraq says it's against the foreign yourself force in the country or using it to try to overthrow president assad the iraqi prime minister is currently in moscow for meetings with russian leaders are peter all over is following the talks. both president putin and prime minister maliki share very similar views concerning the ongoing crisis in syria both to be mainly opposed to any kind of outside military intervention in the country and both want to see peace brought about through diplomatic means now their meetings of come about under the shadow of increasingly frosty tensions frosty relations between syria and turkey on the border between the two countries now
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that's a situation that does have the potential to boil over into a ball wider conflict especially when you consider that nato has said that they are willing to step in on the side of their ally turkey following in the off the back of this i say increasingly tense situation on not border we are hearing that president vladimir putin could delay a proposed visits to turkey by the delegations been in town for a few days on the purpose of this mission is to strengthen ties between moscow and one of the ways in which they've done not is the signing of a multi-billion dollar defense deal which will see russia provide arms to a rock now one of the reasons which iraq is turning towards russia for its defense needs in the wake of comments from a seat from senior u.s. politician john kerry who said that the united states should cease all arms deals with iraq now this comes after a bike died refused to intercept a
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a rainy and cargo plane that was carrying military supplies to syria to aid the syrian army so it seems that by the turning to moscow in the future for its military it is all its defense needs coming up israel's prime minister calls the shots and is making his move hurling netanyahu brings forward parliamentary elections with one eye on passing a new. russia needs one trillion dollars of investments in the energy sector in less than a decade but how do you read. such an ambitious goal find out more on this and other stories on our three operational. the mighty volga that runs deep through the russian soul it has provided inspiration for songs and poems and is the country's main north south artery and
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decades ago schumann ingenuity connected it to the dawn river to the west the vote the dawn canal is an engineering marvel within a day a vessel can pass the canals thirteen blocks ten million tons of shipping does so every year. another concrete giant is this finished fifty years ago it's the biggest hydroelectric plant in europe it powers the local city of volgograd and sends lots more electricity to moscow the hydroelectric plant behind me is a potent example of how much the volga can provide but harnessing a river like this isn't without its cost. fishermen have been watching fish stocks for years they see the slow damage the downing of the river has done especially to russia's prized sturgeon the source of caviar but in the president of the hydroelectric plant has done significant damage because it stopped fish swimming up river to the spawning grounds. within
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a year all these houses would have gone fallen into the river depending on how many of the hydroelectric plants turbines are on the water level can change suddenly and dramatically too suddenly for the banks to absorb. control of the river flow by the plant has made building the boulders for pain more attractive serious floods are less likely but the water that is put into the drains is taken away from the fish that need it now but last the voice of the voters of color jay might start being heard. the first time in fish. two years the rules will contain a point on maintaining biodiversity in the river we still have a chance to bring the volga back to life. meaning that the mighty volga is treated with the respect it deserves.
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and thank you for joining r t with me. well as a british prime minister david cameron didn't have enough to do tackling a recession and spending cuts now he's having to watch his back london mayor boris johnson is capturing the public and his party's minds even overshadowing the beleaguered leader of the conservatives conference parties laura smith reports from birmingham. he's still got this great blond hair which he referred to that david cameron has made a joke of he said if he was a mop then david cameron was the broom sweeping out the economy and some have said in fact that cameron was very generous to agree to the closing speech of boris's annual conference and of course one of the things that people are looking for now from david cameron is this star quality dave is not and his speech couldn't have really been in sharp contrast to boris is he still says that cuts are at the heart
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of his growth policy which is consequent deficit he talked about growth but he didn't really give an exact time which is what a lot of people are looking for he defended the economic strategy but of course we all know the arguments and what's really lacking is any really that is. that he didn't say the word dire a c one and that's something i've seen was hanging around on the fringes of this conference over the last couple of days conservatives don't like the word austerity anymore they use these euphemisms they say tough decisions they say reducing the deficit they say reducing the government share of spending it's not fashionable to say the word austerity very uncomfortable with it so it's strategy not hugely coherent which is very important if cameron wants to regain this reputation is had in the past for huge compton's something he didn't mention which i have to say i wasn't really expecting was scotland of course we had used recently that the stalemate being broken between london and edinburgh on edinburgh
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holding a referendum on its participation in the u.k. david cameron will meet with premier alex salmond on monday to hash out the details but what we're hearing is that there will be a referendum held in autumn two thousand and fourteen a simple yes no question as to whether scotland will remain part of the u.k. and of course the major thing that david cameron does not want is to be the man who is in charge over the breakup of the u.k. . neil gibson a councillor for the opposition labor party says the measures pushed by the u.k. government are putting an unbearable burden on ordinary people. even we are in a sense the government got stuck there so it's they just can't seem to duty to us people of this country can't see anymore he has no strategy he talked in a speech today about swimming. the easy thing by steering. away from the rocks where we're heading to the rocks not where we are there is that we begin in greece
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. greece and spain or italy and they need to change their lot to start thinking that they know best work with the rest of us change the course of whatever you want and. we've been getting more reaction to the issue of a possible break up of britain which was the skull stuff the conservative party conference alan smith a member of the european parliament for the scottish national party scotland doesn't get back what it puts into the u.k. it's not working for the people of scotland and we could do better resenting ourselves as a small prosperous northern european nation we're surrounded by the los of norway we are alone and don't mark on dollars so we think we could do better in a country of five million people with a much more direct democracy who's going to follow orders delivered it's done well what we want to do is to complete the process and do the normal course of the normal independent study with the european union an independent scotland is in more
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to the u.k. than we can buy out the you keep these and move to the e.u. then we get back this is something that really has been proven by of fishel u.k. treasury statistics he was no questions go and will do better economically independent. back to our breaking news that the u.s. has sent troops to the jordan syria border a move officially aimed at enhancing jordan's capabilities if ireland spills over from its war torn neighbor got into can joins us on the phone from washington with all the details. tell us what else have u.s. officials said about deploying forces in georgia. hi karen so according to leon panetta the first victory they send the troops to the jordan syrian border in case the violence escalates in syria and spills over u.s. defense official not leon panetta but they gave more details. said that the forces are made up of one hundred military planners and other personnel who stayed on in georgia jordan after attending an annual exercise back in may and several dozen
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more have flown in as soon as they are operating from a joint u.s. jordanian military center north so i'm on that american could use for years the news about u.s. military personnel so close to syria suggests an escalation in the u.s. military involvement in the conflict even as washington post a background you know any suggestion of a direct intervention in syria and also tension is growing on syria turkey borders several days after several days of shelling purchase know a preaching of that when state to respond with more force that is a day after nato said it's ready to defend turkey so yes tension is rising this recent development with u.s. troops being sent to jordan comes with the u.s. presidential election less than a month away and at a time when mitt romney. and barack obama's challenge i think criticizing
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president obama for not being aggressive and out for quote unquote sitting on the sidelines when it comes to the conflict in syria for missing the opportunity to kabul and deliver the tool that the doctor without actually awarded what you. know it is not clear what of this latest development with the troops in jordan is ministration way you know of showing your liking campaign or whether an intervention is really underway but one thing is clear the rebels might be getting the signal that being that an intervention is indeed. coming and one of the reasons why the rebels something that many experts point out one of the reasons that the rebels are not settling down for negotiating negotiated solution the dialogue keep the signal that they get that they have been getting for for
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months that support is on the way and that there will be a need to thank you everybody understands without a negotiated solution the watch will continue all right garniture can by phone from washington thank you governor. now israel's prime minister has ordered a parliamentary election to take place early next year eight months ahead of schedule benjamin netanyahu is believed to be banking on the swift ball to secure his reelection and a much harder for his party right now he's struggling to get his austerity budget passed the ball wrapping up the war talk against iran election success could in bold and netanyahu who's long been threatening an offensive against ron but it's thought that striking before the vote could mean electoral defeat america's presidential election is also considered a major factor in the prime minister's decision as israeli historian and journalist dr ron paul explains. that is taking advantage of situation and the
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budget is. that to pass a budget is difficult but you could have done it but this is the best time to respond to you because the coalition today in israel is in shambles so he catches actually a moment in which from his point of view within three months he will end and he can make a huge victorious i think these here another element the element before. the time he has actually linked himself almost totally to much involvement in the american elections in favor of the ritual news an old friend of the time you know the holding similar conservative positions and all his relations with obama are very sour i believe that if obama would be elected this will become also issue in the elections and i will not meet a possibility in wish obama in direct we would also like to influence the elections it is worth our time now for more of the world's news from our team there have been
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a ferocious clashes between hundreds of students and police in chile as capital they have been protesting for months over a law they say limits the right to public assembly with violations punishable with up to three years in jail security forces deployed water cannons on the students and made several arrests. the radical islamist cleric abu helms are has pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges as he appeared in a new york federal court it follows his extradition from britain along with four other men to face trial on charges of kidnapping tourists in yemen and plotting to set up a training camp for militants in the u.s. a trial date has been fixed for next year will have to answer to a total of eleven criminal charges. and after a quick break to me trey will have the latest from the world of business.
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now. shells become income mortal danger and a piece of art still sticks and it's just a. symptom free. and. our team you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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well welcome to the business update on r.t. with me to be to medvedev and co russia needs one trillion dollars of investment in the energy sector by twenty twenty that's according to the energy minister alexander novak now he told see about the tax incentives which would be used to attract capital and boost production in the challenging deposits. first of all we've created a set of stimulating measures to boost the development of new all deposits in siberia secondly for the existence of posits that are unprofitable under the current tax system with cut the export tax by five percent on top of that we will
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take steps to stimulate drilling of hard to reach oil reserves on the shelves as we continue to stick. around let's take a look at what's happening on the markets this hour and first the opening bell in the united states these markets mostly down however on the nasdaq we're seeing some shares like apple go up it's up around half of percent this hour on the hopes that a new version of the i pad will be announced in the next week on the seventeenth of october actually from the very first three hundred x. right now looking downward we're also waiting for the official release of data from the fed so-called beige book on the state of economic affairs and current account balance and over here in russia will look at it in the second the first the ruble is stronger to both current things while the euro has been always flat and it's now flat. negative against the dollar and on the russian markets and they started saying we've got another fifteen minutes on the clock of your ideas my stocks are
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looking downward despite the fact that well not only has recovered but is actually looking positive at this hour gazprom is one of the biggest losers as investors anticipate a lower dividend on the back of the major construction projects like north st now let's take a look at this story goldman sachs has quit as an adviser to megaphones or two billion dollars initial public offering the investment bank reportedly unimpressed the plans of the company's key shareholder the show was made of who wants to place his shares in an umbrella company many see goldman sachs quitting as a blow to russia's second biggest mobile operator which is planning to sell twenty percent of its stock by the end of the year. violent clashes have erupted in athens as the german chancellor angela merkel is there to promote austerity measures which have become widely unpopular and economists are saying that the only way out for the troubled nation is to accept losses and restructure it. what i've proposed this
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is the establishment of a berlin club in the emerging world you have the paris club when an emerging country gets into trouble what happens is the emerging country comes to the paris club with its creditors and they discuss and debate and they restructure the debt they haircut the debt they allocate losses to the creditors i think there should be a berlin club and a merkel should invite all of the developed country finance ministers from politicians to berlin they sit around a table and they start to haircut and allocate the losses around the table and in doing that i think you then start the clean balance sheets because the simple fact is today there is more credit market debt in the world today than there was yesterday than there was last week and then there was the beginning of the crisis. all right coming up next on our c we talked to greenberg from forbes magazine who says that despite the u.s. war on whistleblowers truth advocacy is on the rise.
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this machine kills secrets is the title of a new book that chronicles the history and future of information leaks ranging from the pentagon papers to wiki leaks and beyond r.t. is now sitting down with the author andy greenberg who is also a reporter for forbes magazine welcome and it's a pleasure in your book you introduce readers to the inside world of how activists say for pogs and digital activists such as wiki leaks founder julian assange you came to the conclusion that in the twenty first century the world should grow used to more whistleblowers like bradley manning and more groups like wiki leaks why is that well i met with julian simon in two thousand and ten and it's you know the time it seems to me that he was he sort of made it seem so easy to leak these massive troves of secret documents but i.


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